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Long Island Live Music

Mar Long Island Live Music | Steve Adelson Stick-Tet Trio

Long Island Live Music

If you’re looking for the best Long Island live music around, look no further than Winterfest: Live on the Vine! This six week music festival is winding down and if you haven’t made it yet, now is your chance. Beginning in 2006, Winterfest originally started out as a small jazz festival on the East End, and it quickly became a Long Island live music staple. Local vineyards, restaurants and hotels participate in the celebration of culture and music. Hotel Indigo has been a part of the festival since the beginning, and while we are sorry to see another year draw to a close, we encourage all to celebrate one more show with us. Our closing act for Winterfest is The Steve Adelson Stick-Tet Trio and what a finale it will be!

On Saturday, March 28, please join us in the unique sounds of Adelson and friends playing at 7:30 pm in the Hotel Indigo Ballroom.

Steve Adelson Stick-Tet Trio

Adelson is described by many as a talented performer who stands out from the rest. At a young age, Adelson began playing guitar and quickly became interested in fingerpicking. He was then introduced to jazz by his music teacher and began his passion from there. A couple years later, Adelson started playing the stick.

The Chapman Stick, created by Emmett Chapman, is an instrument in the guitar family but has 10 or 12 specially tuned strings that play melody lines, chords, bass lines or textures. These lines are even able to be played at the same time using a tapping technique. Since playing the stick, Adelson has owned over 20 different versions of the instruments and still continues to experiment.

Adelson also founded his own music school called, The Guitar Workshop Inc., where he teaches stick and guitar. His other accomplishments include authoring a tutorial DVD set and book of learning to play the stick, as well as recording a number of CDs, his latest called, “Sonic Imagination.”

Adelson will be performing with the talented musicians Bryan Carrott and Frank Bellucci, creating the Steve Adelson Stick-Tet Trio. Carrott on vibraphone and Bellucci on drums complements the stick and adds to the jazz sensation you are sure to hear on Saturday.

Long Island Live Music

The Best Long Island Live Music

Come see the trio and get ready to dance, enjoy delicious food, libations and making new friends on the East End. Winterfest may be coming to an end, but the fun will keep on! Spend the weekend with us and check out the last of the performances at participating venues. For room rates and reservations, please call the hotel at 631.369.2200. Stop by Hotel Indigo Ballroom for the best Long Island live music. We hope to send off Winterfest: Live on the Vine with you!